Yoni Steaming Throne
Yoni Steaming Throne

Yoni Steaming Throne

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Yoni Steaming Throne is a 100% pine wood seat made especially for yoni steaming because Every Queen Needs Her Throne.


Benefits of Yoni Steaming Throne

♡Natural hip opening position to allow the steam to easy access your sacred center

♡Prevents knee strain compared to using a kneeling position.

♡Folds flat store under a bed, closet, or other tight spaces.

♡Supports up to 295 lbs


♡11.5 inches tall and 12 inches wide

 Timeframe for building 

♡Each stool is handmade and takes about 7 to 10 business days to create.

 Payment Plan

The $100 is only a deposit and the Yoni Steaming Throne is not shipped until payment is received in full.

An electronic invoice will be sent to the email provided during checkout for the remaining balance. The balance must be paid within 6 weeks. If the total balance is not paid by the due date on the emailed invoice the deposit is forfeited. Any balance paid over the deposit amount will be refunded. If more time is needed one extension is available. An extension must be requested at least 1 week in advance of the date. The Yoni Steaming Throne is NOT delivered until the balance is paid in full.



Music: Mornings
Musician: Jeff Kaale