Keeping It Balanced: Sexy Times and Your Vaginal pH

Hey girl hey! Let's talk about a topic that might not come up often during brunch with the ladies: how sex can affect your vaginal pH balance. We all want to keep things fresh and healthy down there, and knowing how to maintain that delicate balance is key to feeling great and avoiding those pesky infections. So, grab your tea (or wine), and let's dive into the juicy details!

1. The Lowdown on Vaginal pH

Before we get into the fun stuff, let's chat about what pH actually is. Think of it as a scale from 0 to 14, where 0 is super acidic, 14 is super alkaline, and 7 is just plain neutral. Your vagina likes to chill somewhere between 3.8 and 4.5, which is moderately acidic. This acidity is like a bouncer at a club, keeping the bad bacteria out and the good bacteria in.


2. How Sex Can Mess With Your pH

Semen: The pH Villain

Semen is alkaline, which means after unprotected sex, your vaginal pH might spike temporarily. It's like mixing oil and water – they just don't blend well. This can disrupt your natural acidic environment, leading to potential imbalances.

Lubricants and Other Products

Not all lubes are created equal. Some have chemicals and fragrances that can throw off your pH. Pro tip: stick to pH-balanced lubricants. Our Yoni Oil is a fantastic option that won’t mess with your natural balance. Quick Tip: Yoni Oil is plant based and not recommended with latex condoms. 


3. The Role of Bacteria

Good vs. Bad Bacteria

Sex introduces new bacteria to your vagina. While some are harmless, others can cause issues if they upset the balance. The good bacteria (lactobacilli) are your besties – they help maintain the right pH and keep the bad guys at bay. If you feel things are a bit off, our Yoni Reset Suppositories, formulated with boric acid, can help restore balance quickly and effectively.

Post-Sex Hygiene

After getting busy, it's crucial to cleanse gently. Avoid scrubbing like you’re trying to erase a bad tattoo. Use warm water or a mild, fragrance-free cleanser like our Royal Jelly Yoni Bar. It's packed with moisturizing ingredients like buttermilk and honey, perfect for soothing and cleaning without disrupting your pH.



4. Pro Tips to Keep Your pH Balanced

Stay Hydrated

Drink water like it’s your job. Hydration helps flush out toxins and keeps your whole body, including your vaginal area, functioning properly. Plus, it’s great for your skin, so double win!

Urinate After Sex

This one’s a classic: always pee after sex. It helps flush out any bacteria that might have made their way into your urinary tract, reducing the risk of UTIs and helping maintain a healthy pH.

5. V-Steam Your Way to Balance

Why V-Steam?

After a passionate night, your vagina might need a little extra love to restore its natural balance. That's where vaginal steaming, or V-steaming, comes in. V-steaming is a practice that involves sitting over a pot of steaming herbs, allowing the warmth and beneficial properties of the herbs to permeate your vaginal area. It’s like a relaxing spa day for your lady parts!

How Does V-Steam Help?

V-steaming can help balance your vaginal pH by promoting circulation, soothing irritation, and helping to maintain a healthy environment for the good bacteria. The steam opens pores, allowing the herbs to work their magic, helping to cleanse and your vaginal area, prevent odor by removing some seman reducing the chances of BV and yeast infection. Our New Beginning V Steam Herbs are perfect for this purpose, containing a blend of herbs specifically chosen for their soothing and balancing properties.



6. Give Yourself Time to Recover

Listen to Your Body

After a steamy session, your body might need some downtime to recover. Avoid activities that could cause further irritation and let your vagina do its thing. Wearing breathable cotton underwear and avoiding tight clothing can help. If you’re experiencing dryness or discomfort, our Wet-Wet V-steam blend can help increase lubrication and soothe any irritation.

Wrap It Up

Sex can definitely throw off your pH balance, but with a little TLC, you can keep everything in check. Practice gentle cleansing, stay hydrated, and give your body the love it needs. And don’t forget to check out our range of pH-friendly products designed to support your vaginal health. Because a happy vagina means a happier you!

Cheers to healthy, happy sex lives!

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