Is Sex Causing This Infection


So BOMB, you gave your honey a little honey and now something is off...   Was it the lube, did he cheating, was it the extra kinky move? Well I'm here to help you find answers and keep your V healthy.

Healthy vaginal pH is acidic between 3.8 - 4.2 because this prevents overgrowth of yeast and bacteria. The vagina is already at a disadvantage when it comes to sex because when new items are introduced the pH may raise above the health 4.5.

 For instance, semen can upset your vaginal pH balance because its 7, much higher than the pH levels of vaginas 4.5 max. Can you see how sex can mess with the growth of healthy bacteria aka vaginal flora? 

What options do I have now?

Before you run to the doctor for a prescription how about giving vaginal steaming a try? I works by removing excess discharge in the vaginal, where the harmful bacteria reside, this will allow healthy bacteria to thrive. In addition, you may notice less odor and a pHresher feeling after vaginal steaming,

 New Beginnings Herbal Blend was created to fortify the vagina's defenses against infection, stop the cycle of yeast infection, and BV. So many ladies love it!

A few more non complicated tips:

  • Use condoms without spermicide. By doing so, semen is not introduced to the vaginal canal
  • If having backdoor/anal fun use a new condom before inserting into the vagina
  • Limit or eliminate sugar and carbs can help prevent yeast infection
  • Shower before and after sex, yes your boo-thang too
  • Last but not least, never douche 

Here's to a hopefully vagina loving sexy time! 

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